You’re going to love our KOSE!

Deck Dining in (Almost) Any Weather!

KOSE on the deck

The view on our deck is phenomenal.  It makes being outside to dine truly wonderful –especially during a pandemic.  We’ve been wondering how to better use our deck to keep people safe and enjoying that view.

Enter the KOSE (pronounced KOOS-uh) Mini Dining Pod.  They are a perfect fit for Astoria, where Scandinavian influences (and families) can be found around every corner.  The KOSE pods are named for the Norwegian word for cozy.  They have that Scandinavian cachet of hygge (Danish and Norwegian for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality) and loyly (Finnish for sauna). The KOSE pods fit up to one picnic table, which can seat six, but we’re finding a table of four to be best for taking in our stunning view.

Call now to reserve a table on the deck!  503-325-6777

KOSE Mini Dining Pod
KOSE Mini Dining Pod

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