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Bridgewater Bistro
October 2018 Live Music Schedule
Sunday music 11:30-2:00 and 6:00-8:30, Thursday, Friday, Saturday music 6:00-8:30

Monday 10/01/18 Skadi, piano
Tuesday 10/02/18 Skadi, piano
Wednesday 10/03/18 Buzz Rogowski, piano
Thursday 10/04/18 Basin Street NW, jazz
Friday 10/05/18 Buzz Rogowski, piano
Saturday 10/06/18 David Drury, guitar
Sunday Brunch 10/07/18 Jennifer Goodenberger, piano
Sunday Dinner 10/07/18 Skadi, piano
Monday 10/08/18 Skadi, piano
Tuesday 10/09/18 Skadi, piano
Wednesday 10/10/18 Buzz Rogowski, piano
Thursday 10/11/18 Basin Street NW, jazz duo
Friday 10/12/18 Buzz Rogowski, piano
Saturday 10/13/18 David Drury, guitar
Sunday Brunch 10/14/18 Richard T. and friends
Sunday Dinner 10/14/18 Skadi, piano
Monday 10/15/18 Skadi, piano
Tuesday 10/16/19 Skadi, piano
Wednesday 10/17/18 Buzz Rogowski, piano
Thursday 10/18/18 Basin Street NW, jazz duo
Friday 10/19/18 Buzz Rogowski, piano
Saturday 10/20/18 O Pato eo Peixi, bossa nova
Sunday Brunch 10/21/18 Richard T., and friends
Sunday Dinner 10/21/18 Skadi, piano
Monday 10/22/18 Skadi, piano
Tuesday 10/23/18 Skadi, piano
Wednesday 10/24/18 Buzz Rogowski, piano
Thursday 10/25/18 Equinox, jazz ensemble
Friday 10/26/18 Buzz Rogowski, piano
Saturday 10/27/18 David Drury, guitar
Sunday Brunch 10/28/18 Jennifer Goodenberger, piano
Sunday Dinner 10/28/18 Skadi, piano
Monday 10/29/18 Skadi, piano
Tuesday 10/30/18 Skadi, piano
Wednesday 10/31/18 Buzz Rogowski, piano
Basin St. NW – Thursday night jazz with Basin Street NW is a very popular addition to our jazz program.. Featuring David Drury (guitar) and Todd Pederson (bass) and friends this refined, cosmopolitan-style duo performs mainstream jazz classics with taste, intelligence and heart.

Equinox – on the last Thursday of the month Shelley Loring and her flute join with Basin St. NW

  • Buzz Rogowski

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  • Jennifer Goodenberger

    Known for the elegance of her playing, pianist, recording artist and composer, Jennifer Goodenberger, loves the music of Broadway, American Songbook, Film Scores, Popular Standards, and Celtic Airs. She has 8 CD’s of contemplative compositions, and performs concerts of Classical Music.

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  • skadi

    Skadi’s piano sets include classic rock and pop songs from the 60’s and 70’s, original arrangements of jazz standards, and short classical works. She is a high school student from Astoria.

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  • david drury

    David Drury, is a former RCA recording artist and has performed in much of the United States, including venues with the Phoenix Symphony, on separate occasions with David Rose and Percy Faith conducting.  He is a Writer Member of BMI, and his band’s RCA recording, “Myrth,” was listed on the Billboard Magazine charts for several weeks in the top twenty. Though he is known for his ability to improvise and play jazz, his music is influenced and inspired by many years playing rock, blues, jazz, country, classical, swing and big band style standards and show tunes.  Currently he divides his time between performing, writing and recording music, and is in his twentieth year teaching guitar at Clatsop Community College.

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  • Red Beans ‘n Rice

    Red Beans ‘n Rice are the musical duo of John Orr and Ted Brainard.  Both are from Astoria after a lifetime of sampling the musical scenes of America for several decades.  They offer tasty samplings of the best of known southern blues, swing and Tin pan Alley tunes from the 1920s and 40’s.

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  • richard thomasian

    Richard Thomasian began playing the guitar at 13 in Fresno, California. Early influences were Dylan, The Rolling stones, The Beatles, The Animals, The Byrds ande others of that time. Guitar was just a hobby until in 1972, when at 21,  he decided to make a carreer out of it. Richard  Thomasian has been playin music  up and down the West coast for the last 42 years  mainly all over the San Francisco bay area and the Pacific Northwest. Comfortable in  many styles he has focused quite a bit on Jazz of all eras but likes it all, including blues, rock, funk, country, folk, reggae and more.

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  • todd pederson

    Todd Pederson has played  bass for nearly 30 years. He studied music at Central Washington University where he played in the Big Band, Jazz Choir, Orchestra and countless small jazz combos. He started on piano at age 10 and learned bass to play in a rock band covering Beatles and other 60’s material when he was 14. Continuing and interest in music led him to formal study in college. After college he played in a few jazz combos playing in the Seattle area and then he joined a band playing all music from South Africa, called Zanga Zanga. Todd has played music in nearly every genre one could imagine. Todd moved to Astoria to be accessible to his two sons. In Astoria Todd is a member of the North Coast Big Band.


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  • tom trudell

    Tom Trudell has played jazz and blues piano in restaurants, parties, and festivals, in exotic and exciting places like San Francisco, California and Hope, Alaska. Tom’s repertoire is just as varied and will happily take requests!

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